This year Island Base FM took podcasting and digital broadcasting to Papakura Intermediate School.

The aim was to give tamariki hands on experience in media. Our mentors came from an array of music and broadcast backgrounds  to take our classes through developing and recording a podcast, editing on iMovie, and doing voiceovers, reaction videos, interviews and audio editing.

We were thrilled with the outcome which was bringing audio and vision to life and inspiring the rangitahi of Pakakura Intermediate to learn more about careers and skills that are possible in this industry.

Many of the students just enjoyed learning how the content they watch and listen to is made. 
Others took it to another level! One student used his new skills to start a YouTube Shorts channel, edit gaming videos and take his talents to the world! Some of his videos already have more than 6000 views!
“I got to try the mics, edit, learn new things. After I accomplished editing a video, finishing that was really great.

Before I did the class I didn’t know that much about editing until you guys came and I started to learn about how to edit videos now. That’s how I started my Youtube channel from you guys. It’s about gaming. A lot of skills I do on there.

I’m happy about Island Base to be at our school ’cause otherwise I wouldn’t know how to edit and have my own Youtube channel, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next year”

This programme was proudly funded by Lotto NZ.

Ka kite ano Papakura Intermediate! Have a great Summer,  see you in 2024!