Our first ISLAND BASE MASTERCLASS Graduation 2024

To celebrate the success of our very first ‘Island Base Masterclass’ Programme, class of 2024 came together for this very special Graduation. It was the first time we’ve all been in the same room together, and it was wonderful to see the strength of the connections that were built. The night was focused on our Island Base mentees, seeing their progress and passion come to life has been truly inspiring.


Founder/Managing Director
Jazz Lolesio, 
passion and heartbeat has always been for ‘Island Base’ to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for South Pacific youth.
As a non- for-profit organisation, our dedicated team of Mentors and Music Industry Champions all share a fundamental belief: 

After the closure of one of the largest music and audio  engineering schools in the country, many students were left adrift, wondering how to navigate the seas of the music dream without a compass. Jazz Lolesio didn’t hesitate to use her industry connections to establish a mentor-based music programme and secure funding to help emerging artists learn from those who had gone before them.
Island Base’s “Masterclass” was born and grew into its own success story. And it’s been led by our Programme Lead, vocal coach, recording artists, DJ and mentor Sandy Mill.

Some of our mentoring artists, Sam V, Huia, REI, and Hollie Smith, performed for our mentees, followed by a panel discussion in Q & A style, which allowed for even more knowledge to be shared. It was an incredible night, soaking in what we had accomplished as a collective. 

Hearing from both mentees and mentors about the success and benefits of our Masterclass programme was incredibly rewarding. Here’s to the impactful moments we’ve shared and to the bright futures of our aspiring young artists, as they embark on their music journeys, equipped and empowered to pursue their dreams… Look out for them!

Firsts are never easy, and we want to thank everyone who has worked hard to make this possible. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for helping us celebrate the vibrant talent within our community.

A special thanks to our programme funder Sky City Trust, Pub Charity for helping with the Graduation event and good friends from The Fringe District and Pacific Media Network to showcase our artists throughout. Your support has been invaluable in making this journey possible. Many young people’s lives have been positively impacted by your support.

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