Having a voice is key for a singer. Being able to create your own tracks even more so. Music is for self-expression and a possible career path, so writing originals is the next and crucial step forward and we mentor rangatahi through the process of song-writing, production and recording.

Pulling in some of our established artist friends again to assist or supply the beats and in-house at Base HQ or out and about where-ever we need to go to make this happen… Samoa for example!

The Island BASE FM youth mentoring program is all about sharing stories. We are blessed with a wealth of diverse cultures in Aotearoa and the Pasifika Krew have showcased a few of them superbly on this track. With the help of Sandy Mill and awesome production from Rei Music, Nolan, Zakia, Siosi, Vika and Zoey take us on a journey through the Pacific with their song.

Big thanks to Sandy Mill and Rei for the beat, Auckland Creative Communities NZ, Skinny Jump, Māngere Central School and Atomic Coffee.

When signer of the chorus for this track, Zane, came up with the name for the group ‘Play It Cool’, we had no idea how well the group would embrace this as they wrote and recorded lyrics for their very first original track.

The verses rolled out with ease (with the help of Sam V!) and Leah threw down a new record for the longest rap on any MCS recording so far, a whopping 16 bars delving into the importance of good friendships. Another stellar performance from an awesome bunch of rangatahi.

Big thanks to Rei for the beat, Auckland Creative Communities NZ, Skinny Jump, Māngere Central School and Atomic Coffee.

Our first fresh group for 2022 and it kicked off with a bang! Five super keen rangatahi from MCS shared their diverse talents of rapping, singing, beatboxing, drawing dance and more. This was an all-star line up, with EDY providing the beat for an original composition with Sam V, Opeti, Langa, Paris, Shantel and Jon-Paul doing it justice. This group was committed from day one and it shows in the final product.

When we turned over 5 young men to Kau, the West Coast beat mantis, we knew sparks would fly! This was the first original beat to be composed in studio with out rangatahi and we were amazed at how quickly it all came together… then… COVID

We had to wait 8 months to complete the song and get the last verse in that we had been working with the students over Zoom during lockdowns. So great to finish this off and we couldn’t be prouder of the Base Boys for their dedication and creativity. Check the video coming soon!

Pānui or announcements are a very important part of any school day. For this project BASE FM teamed up with Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate School to create a podcast and share some important school messages, some amazing sining talent, a quiz, and topped it all off with a group singalong.

This was the first step in preparing the school for what could be an on-going podcast or radio station at the school, and gave all students involved a great introduction to audio production. The team from BASE FM had a great time and can’t wait for the next episode!

Another banger under the belt, this one focusing on some of the most important, sometimes annoying, people in our lives.. our family!

Big ups Rei on the beat on the Sassy on the lyrics/vocals.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koe Rei Music for showing our Māngere Central School rangatahi how to lay the fire all over the beat last week!… This was completed during our songwriting workshop for the Base Youth Mentoring program.

Have a listen to how these talented youth have navigated their way to where there are today.

Well that was a blast! This is the final track from our first 5 week program with Māngere Central School for 2021.

The 4 girls, Rauinie, Rāhera, Elasha and Sarah come up with a great concept along with the help of Bex Nabouta, who laid some amazing backing vocals and gave the rangatahi plenty to aspire to.

Huge shout out to MK47, Bass685 and For the Ville records for donating the awesome beat for us to work with and SASSY on vocals and guest mentoring.

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate school students Rose, Eve and Cyprus show us how it’s done on this fire beat from MK47.

Recorded at Māngere Central School Songwriting workshop featuring Matai, and Karina, beat by Grassmouth.

Final song created with second group from Māngere Central School featuring Maria, Sofia, Matai, Sandy Mill, Tom Hopkins and Grassmouth on the beat!

‘Viga aku pea’ is about growing up and having your elders tell you over and over again to do something but don’t end up listening. With relatable lyrics and a chilled tropical hip hop beat this track is super catchy.

‘This is Love’, the first Island Base FM project of its kind – an International collaboration where we brought established Soul, RnB group Downtoplease – DTP (AUS) over to the island for youth workshops and to mentor local up and coming artists.

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