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Arts & culture make considerable and necessary contributions to the wellbeing of communities. Music and other creative outlets are powerful tools, engaging communities in various levels of change. Our programmes are designed to support this vision by providing a safe space and guidance by industry professionals (row models) resulting in a higher level of self-expression, confidence, self-worth, sense of belonging and therefore resilience.

To create a stronger level of equality and empowerment of the next generation as the basis, resulting in public dialogue for community mobilisation & activism and help build community capability and leadership to create a better future.

Our team here at Island Base FM are dedicated to uplifting and educating the next generation of Maori & Pacific Youth through music. We have a strong focus on finding young talent, mentoring them, producing live events and showcasing fresh talent alongside established and world-class artists to recording new tracks and featuring those live on the radio across the South Pacific. With the overall objective of creating future career pathways for music practitioners by providing accessibility and connectivity for underserved communities.

Island Base gives youth a platform through which they build their confidence, gain a sense of belonging,

realise their passion and above all, develop pride in their work. 

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